About Us

We are all about layering, with each piece in our collection designed to be mixed, matched and stacked to create unique combinations that express your personality, mood and style.

Our jewellery embraces the balance between contrasts, featuring a mix of bold and modern street style-inspired pieces and minimalist everyday essentials. 


Long Lasting


Our jewellery is coated with either 14k or 18k gold using PVD technology. PVD coating is up to 10 times thicker than traditional gold plating, making it waterproof and resistant to tarnishing. 

Stainless steel is highly sustainable as it is recyclable and generates less waste during the manufacturing process compared to other materials. Additionally, because of the way it's produced, any stainless steel object has approximately 60% recycled content within it.

The PVD coating process also preserves the recyclable value of stainless steel, while ensuring that no harmful pollutants are generated and no toxic byproducts are present. PVD is safe, clean, super efficient and environmentally friendly. 




To stay true to our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, we've carefully selected natural materials like recycled paper, cotton bags, and kraft tags, which give our packaging an earthy feel. The use of subtle, muted colours and textures also adds a delightful experience that engages our customers' senses and enhances their unboxing experience.

You can trust that our packaging is thoughtfully designed to deliver a satisfying unboxing experience while prioritising our planet's health.


Discover your statement pieces in our collection and make memories worth sharing.


  • Flash Plating

    • Very thin layer of gold - 0.175 micron
    • Poor quality of base material.
    • Will fade after few wears only.
    • May irritate sensitive skin.

  • Gold Plating

    • Thin layer of gold - 0.5 micron
    • Will fade eventually.
    • May irritate sensitive skin.

  • PVD Gold Plating

    • Thick layer of gold - 1 to 5 microns
    • Colour will last for at least a year.
    • Waterproof & Hypoallergenic.